Sexualized music videos debauching Uganda's young

At their own free will and on occasion as a requirement from the music video directors, their bodies are used as props to eroticize the music videos, your children regularly watch and imitate. With skintight crop tops, rompers, and other provocative lingerie, the young women, with the approbation of video scriptwriters, engage in objectifying ...

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Episode 2: Anti-racism/anti-police brutality songs.

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In episode two of this podcast, I present to you more flavours of some powerful anti-racism/anti-police brutality songs. The 2019 Ugandan anti-police brutality song "Afande" by the firebrand People Power President, Bobi Wine is included and also in one of the Africa anti-racism protests sound bytes I use, a Nigerian protestor tells a short sto...

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Music as a vehicle of protest against social injustice

While not all music genres take the liberty to speak out often against social injustices, there are those to whom it has become an incumbent duty, too. From the years of old, Hip Hop, Reggae and R&B have been the exception to the rule; using their musical platforms to speak out regularly against societal injustices.And it is not only in the Uni...

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