Monday, July 22, 2019
By Richard WetayaGangama hill is to the West of Mbale Town. It is where the
In Bugisu, tradition demands that Imbalu initiates (those circumcised in any even year) marry only after performing the Inemba dance. The dance is performed in the early months of every odd year. The dance is usually punctuated by celebratory singing, drumming and merrymaking. Richard Wetaya---- explores what lies beyond the Inemba fanfareAt the assembly point; elders from different clans are gathered with their initiates. Some kneel, while others stand in lines, facing each other. The initiates are then instructed to run to the venue of the dance. At the venue, crowds are gathered and drums are reverberating. The Inemba dance…
By Richard Wetaya Just a few miles drive north of Mbale town, and
By Richard Wetaya The Namisindwa cave in Matuwa,
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