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Using high profile Ugandans like Motor-mouth-Moses Golola-to promote Northern Uganda tourism, a good idea Featured

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It has never been in doubt that Motor-mouthed Ugandan Kick boxer Golola Moses can set his wits to work.

Metaphorically speaking, dude is a human tourist attraction, who, if given chance or occasion, can talk the hind legs of a donkey [Pun intended] and who in his own words, can make a woman pregnant by just his glance.

With his spontaneous wit, gift of gab and with much needed adjustments to his wardrobe, Golola would do just good attracting-lady tourists to Uganda like moths to a flame.

Anybody can get in on the Uganda tourism promotion act, whatever their hustle.
If the missy curvy people are doing it, why not Golola.

Seeing that his kickboxing star is slowly fading [I stand corrected], he should make do with second strings to his bow-such as comedy, movies and tourism promotion.
Fabiola and Gaetano at the Para ferry landing site in Nyoya district

Golola’s numerous one liner jokes and humorous anecdotes-undoubtedly made him the life and soul of the recently concluded eventful three day Northern Uganda tourism tulambule tour.

The tour, aimed at raising awareness of some of Northern Uganda’s best tourist sites started on Friday [1st march] last week and ended on Sunday.

Granted-Cutie-Fabiola, Gaetano and funny man Salvador, were the poster guys for the tour but Golola flipped the script as he held down the showstopper fort, right from the time, the tour team, left Kampala for their first stop in Luwero market.

His charisma and wit [both work like charms] were evident for all to discern.

The idea to use Golola and other young high profile Ugandans to open new horizons for Uganda’s tourist sector is a welcome development.
It could be the grain of mustard that brings grist to Uganda’s tourist mill.

On the tour first stop, the bright-eyed and bushy-tailed Golola had Luwero market on lock down, as the food vendors, all struggled to catch a glimpse of the half man, half amazing.
Golola causes flutters

Celebrities-Gaetano, Fabiola, flamboyant State Minister for Tourism, Wildlife and Antiquities Godfrey Kiwanda, Marcus and Salvado, all caused excitement but it was nowhere close to the excitement Golola drew forth, when we got to the market.

Tulambule team other

Golola literally took the shine off them but nobody made a palaver of it.
To all appearances, there was a great sense of occasion, as it was playing right into the hands of the organisers.

Back on the Uganda Wildlife Authority tour bus, Golola who clearly knew his limits; kept spewing more sporadic jokes as we traveled forth.

At one point on our second stop in Murchison falls National Park, where there were kobs, warthogs,  antelopes and elephants galore; he had the happy camper-mostly-young bread buttered on both sides- tourism awareness team and tourism media enthusiasts in grin from ear to ear- fests of laughter, when he uttered loudly-“I am so hungry, I may have a miscarriage.”
Needless to add, our lunch had been delayed.

The all agog tour team included a bevy of young-dressed to the nines- flamboyant women, who, on several occasions; spoke with plum in the mouth accents; that at some points, our hosts asked if they were not Ugandan.
IMG 20190302 WA0155 IMG 20190302 WA0286

Its amazing how movies and songs make our millennials get accents and live in a make believe world; when some have not even crossed the Rwandese border [read the border is closed].

The upshot of the rounds of alcohol being served on the tour bus was that the back and forth conversations became louder and riveting.

Nothing gets louder than an alcohol induced conversation and usually it gets even the shiest of folks buoyed 2

And for good measure, it did on the bus; cept ofcourse for the teetotalers, who were few, however.

The NBS “Another round team” also known for inebriation during their show, got on in the act and so did the masterminds of the tour-William Byaruhanga and Tendo Kaggwa.

A hankering for travel is something the young-pie eyed women and men, all shared and at every stop, we made, the big grins on their faces could show.

At the magnificent Pakuba and Para safari lodges and Para ferry landing site, in Nwoya district, all and sundry, got into taking selfies and dancing to the Mubaku musical team, who to their credit, gave a good account of themselves.
IMG 20190302 WA0223IMG 20190302 WA0075IMG 20190302 WA0275

The good sound from their traditional instructments made Fabiola and Miss Uganda UK- Penny Wampamba, get their grooves on, to a turn.

The real icing on the cake for the tour team, however, were the visits to Aruu falls campsite and Fort Patiko in Pader district.

It was a tad piping hot but it was lit all the same, at the tour posse made hay, playing in the water falls and swimming in the wide water catchment area, just below the huge rocks that the falls cascade on.

It was the tour’s highlight in every sense of the world.

After the swim, the tours high profile names got into the Apirr, Bola and Adyere dances, which were being solemnized by the Otto clan.

Golola again was the highlight, again, cracking up most of the local dancers and villagers, by colorfully and at times, comically imitating their dance moves.
paderpadederder goolaDANCERS OF PADER

Fort Patiko was eventful as well, but mostly for the selfies aficionados and those seeking lessons on its slave trade history.

A back of the envelope calculation shows that Golola was paid handsomely and it was not money for old rope, for the record.
Dude brought his A-humour game to the tour.
The smiles on the faces of the tour team, every time, he dropped a joke, speak to that fact.
Iam sure all and sundry would love to have him on the next tours.

House of D.J’s [event concepts, event marketing] were behind the Tulambule tour.
They were supported by the Uganda Tourism Board, Koi Koi, Uganda Wildlife Authority, amongst others.

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  • Comment Link Wetaya Richard Thursday, 14 March 2019 21:09 posted by Wetaya Richard

    Well, well, well. Ironic you said that. So making him the focus of my piece makes me his relative.
    Thanks for the comment, however.

  • Comment Link Tiko Tuesday, 12 March 2019 10:50 posted by Tiko

    Well put Richard. You must be related to Golola


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