Wetaya Richard

Wetaya Richard

It is a tad old now, but that Kendrick Lamar-classic Song-“b**tch don’t kill my vibe” still resonates heavily. 

In my deduction, it is a song that speaks huge volumes about the male psyche.

For starters, Lamar [in the song] expresses his desire to be left alone; on occasion that is.
The lyricist tells his hypothetical beau to eschew killing his vibe [ruining his mood].

You may be a certain man’s beau, but here is one thing you need to cognizant of.

There are days, it will seem like you are speaking to the hand, or to a brick wall, however much you try to spark a conversation with him.


Now, I don’t claim to speak for every male, but here is the thing; there are those off days, when guys are just indisposed to having a conversation.

Today’s world bears down hard on a male mind and it sure does put a damper on many men, in my part of the world.
Mood disorders are rife in my part of the world and though women also bear the brunt, it is nothing compared to what, today’s young men face.

To that end; and depending on one’s character, things that are out of the ordinary stuff will happen; like for instance, he may predispose to aloofness and as a result, he may not be his usual talkative, friendly, caring or cheerful self.
I stand corrected but no amount of cajoling, flattery or persuasion will make him snap out of it.
He ought to be left alone for a while.

Because the female mind is wired differently, some of y’all [women] make wrong readings of it.
At worst, your minds put false constructions on things; thinking if your man seeks some time alone, he is probably two-timing you.
Credulous thinking like that leads nowhere just like a person who heads up a blind alley or who drinks on the Kool Aid.

Desiring time alone-without being disturbed is an occasional male mood that happens when one least expects.
Well, sometimes, it is expected, especially, when days do not go as you anticipate.

Not by any long shot, does a man’s silence mean he doing stuff behind your back or that he is deliberately acting out of character to make you angry.
Far from the truth.

And it is not that he is miserable and needs your company.
That is often not the kind of misery that needs company.
At times, those lonely as a cloud moments are all men need to get their mojos back, with the pressures they face.

Author John Gray couldn’t have brought it out better in his book “Men are from mars and women are from Venus”

In it, Gray mostly talks about male and female relationships and how we defer.
He describes men as sly; saying little and having a tendency to get away if they feel too closed in some space.

Women on the other hand are described as outgoing, good humored and social.
Now that is the distinction.

The desire by some men to have time off alone has nothing to do with emotionally immaturity or introversion.

It has everything to do with laying to heart one’s deepest fears, inner battles, frustrations, insecurities, struggles, challenges and failures.

Because men have been taught to show-fortitude in the face of adversity, and misery, they won’t, in most cases, just lay bare their feelings or poignant thoughts.  
No man wants to be looked at a wussy or a wimp.

Here is the take-home-the “unspoken word does no harm”.
So if he has not spoken daggers at you, take a chill pill and put all your hunches on the back burner.



From a local tourism point of view, Northern Uganda still largely remains uncharted territory.

For the most part, awareness about the region’s best tourist gems such as the Murchison national park, Aruu falls, Fort Patiko, Solar Eclipse monument in Nyamuriya, Delta camping site, etc remains low;  yet, to all appearances, they are some of the most attractive and pristine tourist sites in Uganda.

Riding on the Uganda Wildlife Authority bus with the rest of the Tulambule Northern Uganda team, a week and a half ago; brought me to that-low awareness-realization.

From the conversations, I caught wind of, on the bus; I arrived at the deduction that, just a handful of guys we travelled with, had hitherto, ever heard of the sites, we were slated to visit such as Aruu falls in Pader or Fort Patiko in Gulu.

It is quite an indictment that people from abroad [foreign tourists] know more about Uganda's premier tourist gems than many of us. 
Now that is not supposition; its truth.
But again, the foreign tourists have the wherewithal to spend; unlike many Ugandans.

There is hope; however that the tulambule local tourism campaign will bring about a change in that status quo.

The campaign, which is in its fifth edition, was launched in 2016 and aims at encouraging more Ugandans to tour attractions in their country.

And while it is safe to say, local tourism has grown steadily through the years [Uganda Tourism Board declared 2018 as the best year for local tourism], there is still leeway to be made up.

Looked at in perspective, the 20 year-old civil war in the North put a huge blot on its tourist sector, and regrettably, it is narratives about the war and its evil protagonist-Kony-that, have, to some degree, still taken precedence over discussions about its tourist potential.

Fast forward to 2019 and thus far, some leeway has being made up; that is from the perspective of the Tulambule Northern tour, at least.
The team

The three day awareness raising tour, organised by the House of DJ's; cast a bright light on some select tourist sites in the North of U.G.

The expedition was eventful in every sense of the word.

The only anticlimax was that first day tours to some select places-listed on the itinerary [like Kafu river-a short stop, Karuma falls-photo opportunity and Delta camp] were put off because the expedition team left Kampala, late, midday, to be exact, yet set-off time had been set for nine a.m, in the morning.

In the end, the tour team missed out on what was to be the first day’s highlight-a waterfall boat cruise on the Nile River.

The level of excitement as we left Kampala was palpable and it reached fever pitch, when the tour team, led by high profile names such as Golola Moses, Godfrey Kiwanda-the flamboyant State Minister for Tourism, Wildlife and Antiquities, Gaetano Kaggwa, Fabiola, Marcus Kwikiriza, Salvado, Miss Uganda UK-Penny Wampamba, etc made its first stop at Luwero market.
IMG 8844

The idea of using high profile Ugandans to promote local tourism is presumably one that will open new horizons for the local tourism sector.
With time, it could just be draw-card or that grain of mustard that brings grist to Uganda’s tourist mill.
IMG 8796

Back at Luwero market, vendors struggled have a word and to catch a glimpse of Kiwanda, Golola and the posse of dressed to the nines-socialites like Fabiola who disembarked to buy some bites.
IMG 8829

Beyond Kafu River; it’s beautiful open country to every end of the North.

After getting lost several times, the tour team, at length, got to the scenic Pakuba Safari lodge; which is nestled on the eastern bank of the Albert Nile, in Murchison falls national park in Nwoya district.
IMG 20190303 WA0060

Before camping for the night, the tour team was advised to play for safety as they were camping right in the middle of a wild life habitat.
Just the thought of a wild animal such as a lion creeping up in the camp petrified many, but luckily, the team slept safe and sound, till the crack of morning.

The next day is when it felt like the real tour experience in the park had began.

The 3,480 sq km park was gazetted as a game reserve in 1926 and is home to over 76 different mammal and 451 bird species.

A traveler without observation is like a bird without wings, so it’s said.
Bearing in mind that, most of the tour team, who clearly had never caught glimpses of wild animals, waited with bated breath.

And so at the crack of dawn, the tour team embarked on the game drive, where they caught sight of several of the park’s animals such as Kobs, warthogs, antelopes, giraffes, Buffalos and elephants.
The park’s 189kg-129cms Lions and 35-36kg Leopards were hard to comeby, however.
IMG 20190302 WA0127

IMG 20190302 WA0132

According to Henry Buzo, a tour guide at the Park, lions were not easy to comeby at that time of day because of their nocturnal routine.

“At day time and when it’s hot, they are mostly in shades. The best time to sight them, just like the Leopards, is late in the evening,” Buzo told Masaabachronicle.

It was worthwhile riding through the park; which is according to the Uganda Wildlife Authority, tour handbook, the largest and oldest conservation area in the country.

In Murchison falls park, depending on your budget, you can also enjoy spectacular views of the Nile cascading over 23kms breathtaking rapids.
The area, for good measure, is perfect for water rafting.
You can also enjoy other activities such as hiking and nature walks, birding [Avi-tourism], sport fishing, launch trips, etc.

Buzo says the number of Ugandans visiting the park has been on the ascendant in recent years.

“There are an increasing number of daily visitors. In a day, we can host over 300 visitors and of those, 30-60 are Ugandans.”

"The beauty of Northern Uganda tells its own tale. Granted, there are things that take the shine off Uganda, but none of those is related to our beautiful countryside. The tourism experience, Uganda offers is second to none,” Joselyn Kayima, a royal princess from Buganda, told Masaabachronicle.

Later in the evening, the tour team headed for Para ferry landing site, still in Nwoya district.
The landing site is where the River Nile cascades into Lake Albert.
Its ferry connects both sides of the park.
Golola with the cuties at Paraa landing site in Nwoya district
The tour team was welcomed at the site by the Mubaku musical team, who to their credit gave a good account of themselves with their music.
The irresistible sound from their traditional instructments drew forth smiles and dances from the socialites on the tour team.
IMG 20190302 WA0223

The real icing on the cake for the tour team, however, were the visits to Aruu falls and Fort Patiko in Pader district.
The splendid Aruu waterfalls are a scenic charm.
The waterfalls cascade splendidly from their crest, through rough cliffs and escarpments, into river Aswa, also in Pader.

For hikers and waterfall enthusiasts, the sight, spray and sound of this awe inspiring waterfall was something to behold and experience; theraupetic to some, though the experience, would have been much more worthwhile, if the team had visited during the rainy season.

“That is when the water falls are really awe-inspiring,” Lazarus Obbo, L.C, 3 Chairperson of Angagura subcounty in Pader, told Masaabachronicle.

The tour team made hay, playing in the water falls and swimming in the wide water catchment area, just below the huge rocks that the falls cascade into.

It was most definitely the tour’s highlight.

After the swim, the tours high profile names got into the Apirr, Bola and Adyere dances, solemnized by the Otto clan, at the Aruu falls campsite.

Golola and Gaetano were the highlight, here; as they cracked up most of the local dancers and villagers, by colorfully and at times, comically imitating their elaborate dance moves.

Camping at the site is only sh25, 000, so go for it, if you have time on your hands.

Fort Patiko was the last stop on the tour.

Many guys on the tour had admittedly only heard about it in their history lessons.

Here is the interesting kicker, however; the fort’s relics still look sturdy.

Built in 1872 by Sir Samuel Baker, the Fort was gazetted as a national monument in 1972 and was ostensibly built to stop Slave trade in the Equatorial Province.

The team visited the vestiges of the Fort’s grain stores and took time to climb the numerous boulders adjacent to the Fort.


It has never been in doubt that Motor-mouthed Ugandan Kick boxer Golola Moses can set his wits to work.

Metaphorically speaking, dude is a human tourist attraction, who, if given chance or occasion, can talk the hind legs of a donkey [Pun intended] and who in his own words, can make a woman pregnant by just his glance.

With his spontaneous wit, gift of gab and with much needed adjustments to his wardrobe, Golola would do just good attracting-lady tourists to Uganda like moths to a flame.

Anybody can get in on the Uganda tourism promotion act, whatever their hustle.
If the missy curvy people are doing it, why not Golola.

Seeing that his kickboxing star is slowly fading [I stand corrected], he should make do with second strings to his bow-such as comedy, movies and tourism promotion.
Fabiola and Gaetano at the Para ferry landing site in Nyoya district

Golola’s numerous one liner jokes and humorous anecdotes-undoubtedly made him the life and soul of the recently concluded eventful three day Northern Uganda tourism tulambule tour.

The tour, aimed at raising awareness of some of Northern Uganda’s best tourist sites started on Friday [1st march] last week and ended on Sunday.

Granted-Cutie-Fabiola, Gaetano and funny man Salvador, were the poster guys for the tour but Golola flipped the script as he held down the showstopper fort, right from the time, the tour team, left Kampala for their first stop in Luwero market.

His charisma and wit [both work like charms] were evident for all to discern.

The idea to use Golola and other young high profile Ugandans to open new horizons for Uganda’s tourist sector is a welcome development.
It could be the grain of mustard that brings grist to Uganda’s tourist mill.

On the tour first stop, the bright-eyed and bushy-tailed Golola had Luwero market on lock down, as the food vendors, all struggled to catch a glimpse of the half man, half amazing.
Golola causes flutters

Celebrities-Gaetano, Fabiola, flamboyant State Minister for Tourism, Wildlife and Antiquities Godfrey Kiwanda, Marcus and Salvado, all caused excitement but it was nowhere close to the excitement Golola drew forth, when we got to the market.

Tulambule team other

Golola literally took the shine off them but nobody made a palaver of it.
To all appearances, there was a great sense of occasion, as it was playing right into the hands of the organisers.

Back on the Uganda Wildlife Authority tour bus, Golola who clearly knew his limits; kept spewing more sporadic jokes as we traveled forth.

At one point on our second stop in Murchison falls National Park, where there were kobs, warthogs,  antelopes and elephants galore; he had the happy camper-mostly-young bread buttered on both sides- tourism awareness team and tourism media enthusiasts in grin from ear to ear- fests of laughter, when he uttered loudly-“I am so hungry, I may have a miscarriage.”
Needless to add, our lunch had been delayed.

The all agog tour team included a bevy of young-dressed to the nines- flamboyant women, who, on several occasions; spoke with plum in the mouth accents; that at some points, our hosts asked if they were not Ugandan.
IMG 20190302 WA0155 IMG 20190302 WA0286

Its amazing how movies and songs make our millennials get accents and live in a make believe world; when some have not even crossed the Rwandese border [read the border is closed].

The upshot of the rounds of alcohol being served on the tour bus was that the back and forth conversations became louder and riveting.

Nothing gets louder than an alcohol induced conversation and usually it gets even the shiest of folks buoyed up.team 2

And for good measure, it did on the bus; cept ofcourse for the teetotalers, who were few, however.

The NBS “Another round team” also known for inebriation during their show, got on in the act and so did the masterminds of the tour-William Byaruhanga and Tendo Kaggwa.

A hankering for travel is something the young-pie eyed women and men, all shared and at every stop, we made, the big grins on their faces could show.

At the magnificent Pakuba and Para safari lodges and Para ferry landing site, in Nwoya district, all and sundry, got into taking selfies and dancing to the Mubaku musical team, who to their credit, gave a good account of themselves.
IMG 20190302 WA0223IMG 20190302 WA0075IMG 20190302 WA0275

The good sound from their traditional instructments made Fabiola and Miss Uganda UK- Penny Wampamba, get their grooves on, to a turn.

The real icing on the cake for the tour team, however, were the visits to Aruu falls campsite and Fort Patiko in Pader district.

It was a tad piping hot but it was lit all the same, at the tour posse made hay, playing in the water falls and swimming in the wide water catchment area, just below the huge rocks that the falls cascade on.

It was the tour’s highlight in every sense of the world.

After the swim, the tours high profile names got into the Apirr, Bola and Adyere dances, which were being solemnized by the Otto clan.

Golola again was the highlight, again, cracking up most of the local dancers and villagers, by colorfully and at times, comically imitating their dance moves.
paderpadederder goolaDANCERS OF PADER

Fort Patiko was eventful as well, but mostly for the selfies aficionados and those seeking lessons on its slave trade history.

A back of the envelope calculation shows that Golola was paid handsomely and it was not money for old rope, for the record.
Dude brought his A-humour game to the tour.
The smiles on the faces of the tour team, every time, he dropped a joke, speak to that fact.
Iam sure all and sundry would love to have him on the next tours.

House of D.J’s [event concepts, event marketing] were behind the Tulambule tour.
They were supported by the Uganda Tourism Board, Koi Koi, Uganda Wildlife Authority, amongst others.

The fifth edition of the Northern Ugandan-tulambule tour [tour of Northern Uganda] kicked off-Friday[1st March] at the independence monument in Kampala, Uganda.

The all agog tour team, which included a bevy of Ugandan Radio and T.V celebrities, tourism media enthusiasts and Uganda Wildlife officials were flagged off  at 11a.m, by the flamboyant Ugandan State Minister for Tourism, Wildlife and Antiquities, Godfrey Kiwanda.

Minister Kiwanda at the flagoff

The mostly youthful, sowing wild oats-team are on a three day awareness raising tour of some of Northern Uganda’s best tourism destinations.

House of D.J’s, a company whose niche is event concepts, event marketing, amongst others is behind the tourism awareness initiative, which has been named Tulambule.
They are supported by the Uganda Tourism Board, Koi Koi, Uganda Wildlife Authority, amongst others.

Radio hosts

“Our tours to Northern Uganda are aimed at showcasing and creating awareness of the available tourism destinations in Uganda.
We will cover the multiple aspects of every site we visit in order to promote the captivating aspects of each location and region.
The upshot is to create exposure of the sites through an aggressive Public Relations campaign,” Philip Mukusaba, the events operations manager, told Masaabachronicle.


The itinerary starts on Friday [February 29th] with visits to Ziiwa Sanctuary (Rhino Tour), Kabalega Diner (High Way Stop), Kafu River Bridge (High Way Stop), Karuma Falls (Chimpanzee, Falls Tour), Sundowner (Chobe) Gulu (Bomah Hotel), Night Scene in Gulu.

The first day was eventful, through and through.

"The beauty of Uganda tells its own tale. Traveling is like falling in love. Its beautiful open country to every end of Uganda once you leave Kampala. It is as if  Uganda is straight out of the bandbox,"  Joselyn Kayima, a royal from Buganda, told Masaabachronicle.


Lots of activity took place on the first day. The tour team had their fling on the Uganda wildlife Authority tour bus.
Before the first stopover in Luwero, enroute to Pakwach, there was a plethora of loud activity; with the NBS team filming the "Another round" show, to celebrated Comedian, Salvador cracking up the team with his impulsive banter.




The penultimate day or day two [Saturday 2nd March] will see the team touring Pakwach Bridge, the Solar Eclipse Monument, Pakuba Safari Lodge and the day will end with a boat cruise at the foot of Murchison falls.

The last day will involve visits to Game Drive Murchison Falls Park,

Paraa Lodge and a stopover tour at Kafu.

Masaabachronicle will be covering the event and we shall bring you daily updates.

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