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Belly fat could end your life

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Shedding off this excess abdominal fat is going to be my highest priority from now on,” says 34-year-old Wilson Nambafu, a middle class Mbale urbanite. His belly bulge has got his folks and friends talking. “They all say I have ‘fallen in things’ (meaning life is good), yet this is far from the truth. My belly fat worries me because I could develop health problems in the future,” Nambafu says. Physician Fred Wamudenyi of Bumboi Health Centre in Mbale, says, whilst some amount of abdominal fat may be normal, excess belly fat is unhealthy. Health risks “Carrying extra fat around one’s midsection is not only unflattering in terms of appearance, but it also poses a huge health risk. Visceral abdominal fat, which gives most men apple-shaped beer belly appearances, is particularly dangerous because it releases inflammatory molecules into one’s body on a consistent basis,” he says. These inflammatory molecules, Wamudenyi points out, adversely affect the proper functioning of the heart and eventually infiltrate the liver. Wamudenyi says that a big waistline greatly increases the risk of developing heart disease, metabolic syndrome, osteoporosis (a medical condition in which bones become fragile from loss of tissue), diabetes, high blood pressure, strokes, sleep disorders, various forms of cancer and other degenerative diseases.” “Men and women with a circumference of more than 40 inches around the waist run a higher risk of contracting the above conditions. The appropriate waist line should be 33 to 35 inches,” Wamudenyi notes. He adds that skin fold thickness around the midsection for teenage boys should be less than 3/5 inches and less than 1 inch for teenage girls. - See more at:

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