Thursday, April 09, 2020
Have a listen here to Linambo [Lumasaaba for Nation]; a narrative and message-driven Lumasaba Hip Hop song-which speaks to the pressing issues in our country, in your home town, village, etc It's off the album-Bityabirye [How are things going]
Have a listen here to some new Lumasaaba Hip Hop by Supaman Wetaya-This one is called Tsilomo [words].It will be off his 5th album-Bityabirye [ How are things going]
Kadongo Kamu music, which ostensibly is Uganda’s oldest musical genre, is what many people in the country like to call-thought-provoking music. A far cry from today’s afro-beat/pop sounds, it is in many ways, Uganda’s equivalent of America’s country music. Though in recent years, it has commercially paled in comparison to trendy mainstream genres, music pundits contend that Kadongo Kamu will maintain its best of the bunch genre status for the foreseeable future. For many of the genre’s acolytes, its deeply poetic-social commentary and message-driven songs-showcased in select songs such as Dan Mugula’s-“atakulaba”, Fred Ssebata’s-“baana bange”, Paul Kafeero’s-“olulimi lwange”, Revival Band’s-“ebintu Bizibu”-, Mathias Walukaga’s-“parliament…
  Have a listen here to some proverb-driven Lumasaaba Hip Hop Music, by Supaman, the trailblazer.This song here is called Bulimundu [ Everyone] and comes off his 5th album-BityaBirye.
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