Sunday, January 19, 2020
  Have a listen here to some proverb-driven Lumasaaba Hip Hop Music, by Supaman, the trailblazer.This song here is called Bulimundu [ Everyone] and comes off his 5th album-BityaBirye.
Ahead of World AIDS Day on December 1, Wetaya  Richard discusses the contribution of the #Ugandan Hip Hop community to the #HIV andAIDS fight.
"A work of real merit finds favour at last" so runs an old adage.There are places in Uganda however where artists/musicians, find little to no favour at all, however good their craft or music is. Longevity does not do them any favours as well. “I have been working hard all these years to perfect my craft, but I have faced long odds. Making believers and fans out of people here in Bugisu is really tough. To be appreciated here, one has to patiently wait like they wait for raindrops in a harsh drought,” says 35 year old Mbale Musician Betty…
Download and take a listen here to some new Lumasaba Hip Hop Music, from the fountainhead of Luma flow, Supaman. <br

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