Sunday, January 19, 2020
  Have a listen here to some proverb-driven Lumasaaba Hip Hop Music, by Supaman, the trailblazer.This song here is called Bulimundu [ Everyone] and comes off his 5th album-BityaBirye.
In this Podcast, I make a case against categorizing the popular Ugandan song-"Parte after Parte" by Big Trill as Hip Hop. Have a listen, below;
Ahead of World AIDS Day on December 1, Wetaya  Richard discusses the contribution of the #Ugandan Hip Hop community to the #HIV andAIDS fight.
Rap music gets real exciting to listen to when diss songs between rival rappers are thrown back and forth. Some of the best rap songs in Uganda have been diss songs; to wit-Atlas the African’s-Jealous Bi*tches and Babaluku’s-“Straight spit”. Rappers are wordsmiths so needless to say, a real serious rap beef will escalate into a war of words. Diss songs in rap are songs that deride the authenticity, flamboyance, charisma and lyrical ability of a rival rapper.  In the world of hip hop, originality is treasured and any forms of mediocrity in one’s word play or lyricism are frowned upon. In…
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