8th July started off as any other normal day for Nosiata Andera’s close knit family. In Dwaliro zone, Mayuge town, where the family resides, there was an eerie peace and quiet as 43 year old Nosiata and her two daughters went about their early morning tidy up routine. For some strange reason everyone in the home seemed downcast. It is just one of those days, Nosiata rationalized. There was not the slightest inkling in her mind that something tragic was about to befall her family. As night fell, the family gathered in the living room for Dinner. Nosiata’s two sons,…
By Richard Wetaya Dark ominous clouds had enshrouded the horizon, as me and
23 year old Sharon Karungi has all the makings of a great Basketball player. Her agile dynamism, competitiveness, prance like walk and stellar physical play have endeared her to basketball fans, not only in Uganda but also in the United States, where she currently plays.
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