Thursday, April 09, 2020
In this Podcast, I give you a flavour of some of the greatest Ugandan Hip Hop songs of the past decade.
The bloom has steadily been falling off the rose of Uganda's oldest musical genre-Is Kadongo Kamu dying a slow death? Have a listen here to the last edition of my Kadongo Kamu Podcast
Since the likes of GNL Zamba, St Nellysade, Burney M.C, Cyno, etc, quietly took a hiatus, as it so often happens in the checkered Ugandan Hip Hop landscape, the genre has, for the most part, lacked that fresh and exciting spark. In many ways, the bloom has been off the genre's rose.Masaabachronicle assesses whether the new crop of rappers; such as 7 year old Fresh Kid, St Maxi Mayne, Judas Rap Knowledge, Fefe Busi and Recho Ray have what it takes to keep the genre's flame burning and whether they can bear the Ugandan Hip Hop flag for the long haul. Is Fresh Kid just…
It is a tad old now, but that Kendrick Lamar-classic Song-“b**tch don’t kill my vibe” still resonates heavily.  In my deduction, it is a song that speaks huge volumes about the male psyche. For starters, Lamar [in the song] expresses his desire to be left alone; on occasion that is. The lyricist tells his hypothetical beau to eschew killing his vibe [ruining his mood]. You may be a certain man’s beau, but here is one thing you need to cognizant of. There are days, it will seem like you are speaking to the hand, or to a brick wall, however…
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